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CloudCamp Munich 10 September 2011

Hi Folks,
i would like to invite you to our 2nd CloudCamp in Munich, a BarCamp for all things Cloudrelated, on the 10th of September. We have a wonderful location (a real Castle), awesome sponsors, but we’re still missing the most important thing for a BarCamp: 
We want your experience as a Developer for our BarCamp to learn from each other, discuss and come up with better solutions for our Scalability-related issues and CloudComputing in general.
So sign up now and tell your friends/Admin/CTO!
*The webpage with more informations:*
*The registration:*
*And suggest your session:*
Kind Regards
Nils Hitze
p.s. we still need two more small sponsorings to cover our expenses for this.
Ask me for details about sponsoring and make your self known as a specialist for CloudComputing

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