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The Answer! #101010 #42

Epic #101010 #42 (no thats not me but someone that wears a Bathrobe!)

(this is me, on the left side)

Today is the 10th of October 2010.

Im sitting in my train to Munich Central Station where i will change
to the Subway to get to the http://barcampmunich.de which i
coorganized. At least a bit.

Which is the item that i forgot since i was in a hurry to catch the train?


Why is a Towel so important today might someone ask.

Because 101010 is 42 in Binary. So it is 42 Day actually.

And you repeat your question: why is this so important?

Because it’s the „Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the
Universe, and Everything“ moron, someone who knows might answer you.
But to be honest he might not be heard because he sits in his basement
right now, hacking on some cool stuff.

So 42 or 101010 is like the geekiest Day our Calendarsystem.

Update: It was 101010 10:10:10 am and it was Epic. There was even a
guy with a Bathrobe http://www.flickr.com/photos/nhitze/5066739929/

I love being a Nerd. I love having a wife that understands me and
supports me when im a Nerd. And i have the feeling that every time im
proud of being a Nerd im becoming nerdier. I had a Christmas Party
last year, called Nerdmare bfeore Christmas. Im Leader of two
UserGroups, Organizer of two different Camps (BarCamp, GameCamp) and i
connected to the rest of the Nerdverse via 1000s of Nerds.

So happy = new Year(Binary) everyone


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