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Norco LackRack

Solved: Accessing Twig Extension Data from Controller

Problem: Accessing a Twig Extension dataset that was needed for logging outside of the Twig Template in an Controller

Complication: The data was only available in context, so the actual rendering was needed

Solution: Write a Getter, Write the Data in a property, access the Getter from Outside

Write in the custom Twitch Function

$this->result = $result;

Getter Function

function getResult() {
    return $this->result;

Fetching data

$result = $this->twig->getExtension(‚\App\Tools\Twig\customExtension‘)->getResult();

Source https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7932666/accessing-twig-template-variables-from-php

Additional https://tomasvotruba.com/blog/stamp-1-how-to-compile-twig-to-php/