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Recent News in Google Wave Land

News aus der Wave Szene direkt von der Quelle, vorsicht, die sind noch heiß:


We've had an exciting week in Wave land:

1) We launched the new Google Wave Robots API on Tuesday. It makes it
much easier to integrate with 3rd party systems, because your robots
can push information into wave whenever they want (on a cron or from a
page, e.g.).
The blog post is here:

I put together a wave of materials that I use when presenting the API:

Developers are really enjoying the new API so far, and we're going to
see a lot more powerful robots come out of it.

2) We launched email notifications of waves. For those of you who
forget to check wave because you're bogged down with other
communication mechanisms, these notifications can serve as a helpful
reminder. I encourage you to try them out.

The blog post is here:

– pamela


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