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im going to the JSCONFEU

OMG – how is this possible?

What made this happen?

Incredible stuff happend. I talked about the JSConf.eu in Berlin with my CTO a few weeks ago but all tickets where sold out allready. Then the LateDevTickets came up but they where a bit to expensive for our Budget.

Now it’s Friday and just yesterday someone posted a TicketSellRequest on Twitter. Which i replied. And then talked to the following people (in this order):

  • my wife (about that i need a weekend of and about not being pissed that im away at the weekend)
  • my Boss (about the Money i needed to buy the ticket) 
  • the guy that selled the ticket (about that he needs to give it to me and nobody else)

After all of them replied positive i had to talk to them in the reversed order:

  • the ticketguy (that we will take the ticket and where we should send the money)
  • my Boss and our Teamassistant (about that we should send money and we need to book a flight)
  • my wife (about that i will be away and how awesome she is and how much i love her)
  • a friend of mine from Berlin (about if i can crash at his flat for the night between Saturday/Sunday)

And then magic happend. My Boss told me i should try to get another ticket, so our other HardCoreJSguy could go with me. I was like: OMG WTF what shall i do?

I emailed the Orga behind the JSConf if "I can haz Ticket". They didn’t replied and i totally understand why :)

I asked on Twitter if anyone else wants to sell his Ticket. No one replied.

Then i searched Twitter for "ticket AND jsconf" and scrolled trough pages of stuff until i see this:  

Haha (manic laughter)

Funny aye? And guess who was the first one that wrote Kevin? Hah! In your face fate.

So guess who is now the happiest CTO alive? Mine, because he got TWO Tickets for the legendary JSConf for the price of ONE normal priced ticket. And he don’t has to pay for my Hotel, because i will stay at the flat of a friend of mine. One of the Contributors of Blinkendroid, btw. 

So what am i expecting from the weekend in Berlin? Fun, Knowledge and a great time. Last time i head a look at the Attendees and Speakerslist, i saw at least 20 people i know and around 30 i would love to meet. The party is a 8BitThemed one. The talks are sheer gold. Everything is so goddamn awesome.

Follow me for Updates about the Conf and i will continue to write my articles in (bad) english, at least the ones about the Conf. 

(this entry is missing important links and it will be updated later, because im freaking tired right now) 

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