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GTUG BootCamp and Google Developer Day 2010

You know, this moment when you think it can’t be better than this?

we did it guinness world record 81 #android in the @blinkendroid matrix (nonfinal photo)

To be honest im at this moment since the BootCamp started. I was worried for a moment when Stephan didn’t showed up but when the Stuttgart GTUG went trough this door, everything went back to Awesome. And before i start talking about HOW freakin awesome it is, let me thank our sponsors, especially the SAE Institute.

SAE Institute, by name: Christoph Rieger and his amazing Team of Students.

They not only have a great location, NO, they even showed up early, set up everything and supplied us with everything we needed, when we needed it. They are earning our Respect and we have to thank them so much. Im happy that we supplied their students with some knowledge about what it means being a Developer (drinking Mate, hacking stuff, wearing black shirts with nice print on it) plus we maybe created a cooperation between SAE and the german GTUGs for doing some Workshops about Android.


A big „Yeah“ for the Muesli! Thanks Max Wittrock & Team for a yummie Breakfast. 


Danke an 1337Mate und MyMüsli
1337Mate und GTUG Shirt
1337Mate und GTUG Shirt

Hail to the MateGods .. we got plenty of Mate and everyone loves Mate, right? These guys supplied us with enough caffeine to code a complete new OS plus GUI.


Thx to Toshiba for the AC100 TestDevices and the Sponsoring of the Catering on Sunday. And thanks to Marcel who answered almost any question a Promoter can possibly be asked about his product again and again :)


GDD BootCamp bei SAE 2010
GDD BootCamp bei SAE 2010

These guys rocked. In combination with our UEBERDesigner Aygul, the created a Shirt that even the Google Speakers loved. In fact they practically teared it from my hands and they wore it with pride. I will have to reorder some of these, when i receive my next Budget. So thank you Robert & Dirk for making a really good deal PLUS a high quality Shirt that people will wear around for a long time.

People who pwned and these that i forgot:

Stuttgart GTUG, especially Stephan, for being a great Project Coordinator for the Hackingpart of the event.

I think if i would had to do this myself, i simply would have been fragged. Florian Detig, for being my driver and for buying coffee when needed. Aygul, dear Aygul, for saving my ass when it came to coloring the Roomplan. The BlinkendroidCrew for coming over to Munich and supporting my idea of the WorldRecord and for succeeding! All of the People from other GTUGs for lending me a helping hand when i needed one. The CatererTeam from Munich (URl is following when they’re Online) „Die Köchin“ for making amazing Food and also for changing part of the Order to Vegan when i asked them to on the night before the second day. The SAE Crew! for making photos, organizing stuff, being around helping all of the time. Stephanie Liu from MountainView for sending over Swag, Swag, Swag and for being there at the Party and the Monday and bringing in not only the three promised speakers but also like five more of them and for being a super nice person to who i would loved to talk a lot more AND for giving me a GTUGJACKET! Benny from the GTUG Nuremberg, for helping with the eventplanning and for their Budget. Marvin Hey from Körner Eventkommunikation and his team for helping with the Blinkendroid World Record.

And (this will be the last „and“, i promise) Anne Töpfer from Google. For simply being the nicest person in the World when it comes to giving me what ever i want for the GTUGs at the GDD and at the BootCamp and not being pissed alltough i must have totally flooded her mailaccount while she planned the GDD. Thanks Anne!

So this will be not a „review“ but a „thank you guys“ post, i will continue to work on my review later.

Have i forgotten something? Of course i have. Thanks for attending dear Developers and thanks for making me happy. 

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