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Silicon Valley #gtug March 3rd Google #buzz Meeting

Hi, hier gibt es das Review der SiliconValley GTUG über Buzz, 

ich dachte das ist evtl. ganz interessant für alle Buzz Junkies, solange wir in Deutschland noch keinen Buzz Engineer oder Developer Advocate bekommen können um bei einem Meeting zu sprechen.


The back story to this meeting is a week before I still had no speakers committed to speak about Google Buzz. Instead of giving up, I decided no matter what the topic was going to be Google Buzz even if I had to present on it myself. I asked my friends on Buzz  (and on Twitter because I have more followers there) for help lining up speakers. Someone suggested DeWitt, but, I still had no connection to get to him directly. I found him on Google Buzz and started interacting with him through Buzz comments and eventually got him to agree to participate in the meeting. Similarly, I publicly invited Kevin Marks and Robert Scoble via tweets referencing them and eventually got Kevin Marks to respond that way. So, I got 2 out of 3 that way and we had a full agenda finalized just days before the event. Phew!


DeWitt’s talk is on YouTube here:


And Kevin Marks‘ talk is on YouTube here:



Unplanned, but, the Gillmor Gang discussed Buzz immediately after our meeting:



And we have photos from the event online here:



Enjoy, Van

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