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Serendipity Theme Contest

Serendipity ruft zum Theme Contest und kann dafür jeden Mann/Frau gebrauchen.

Also auf auf ihr fleissigen Grafiker und Designer. Tut etwas für euere Lieblingsblogsoftware.

Hilfe findet ihr in der technischen Dokumentation oder im Forum.

Im ausführlichen Beitrag stehen die Regeln in englischer Sprache.

  1. The new theme must be unique.
    It may not be a 1:1 port of existing themes. It must be BSD licensed.
  2. The new theme should create a visual distinction of Serendipity,
    but preserve the template association with Serendipity.
    People who see that theme should not confuse it with themes that are distinct
    for other blog applications.
  3. You are free to choose whatever colors are fit.
    Beware though, that the somewhat etablished colors of Serendipity are blue-greyish.
  4. The new theme should consist of a Frontend and Backend visual style
    (or play well with the current default Backend style).
    Frontend customizations can be done using any technique you like (Smarty, JavaScript, CSS).
    Backend customizations can only be done via CSS styling (themes/default/admin/style.css).
  5. Creating a new logo for Serendipity is not yet part of the deal.
    We are looking for a default theme to be distributed with Serendipity,
    so it should be a style that people can use on their own blog without giving the impression
    that it is the official Serendipity Blog.
  6. The new theme shall pay attention to be accessible and not require JavaScript
    for important operations. It shall be cross-browser compatible (MSIE, Firefox, Opera, Safari)
    and validate as XHTML (Transitional at least).
    The main CSS should also validate; any additional and browser specific CSS codes
    are not required to be validatable.
  7. It is suggested to only apply minor changes to the Smarty Template files
    within the default theme folder. Many Themes depend on the default theme,
    so it needs to be considered that HTML selectors etc. are only changed in a way
    that is backwards compatible.

    Read: Only add new selectors, do not remove existing ones.

  8. Sidebar Plugins that output HTML (like: Categories, Syndication, Calendar, …)
    should still work fine in the new default theme.
  9. Standard HTML styles such as code, acronym, bold etc should be supported
    in the stylesheet if the browser default isn’t acceptable
    (in particular the code tag is often reduced in size to become unreadable)
  10. All images including media manager images, emoticons, xml buttons and just plain images
    inserted into posts or the sidebar should work as expected – the danger is in assuming
    the browser will adequately deal with images but often margins and paddings change
    and if this isn’t tested weird results can show up after the theme is released.

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