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On Air 2008 Munich: Review

In Honor to the work of the Adobe AIR Developers, the whole entry will be in (bad) english.

Thanks guy, On AIR 2008 Munich was awesome. I really enjoyed every session, allthough my brain seemed to explode sometime due to the immense amount of knowledge you inserted into me.

Can’t remember a session i didn’t listend to, ok except for the "Knauf La Book" Session, the guy was a bit noisless. I blogged, i twittered and i flickerd, but it seemed to me that i was a bit lonesome when doing this. Only Marc Thiele from Flashforum made photos and some other guys twittered a bit around. So shame on you Munich Developers, you are not very collaborative. I hope Munich WebDev Usergroup will change this.

So back to On AIR 2008 Munich. As told before it was totally cool, i learned a lot, maybe we use AIR in a future project (Reporting Engine) and i won a Flex Builder Pro Version. How fucking crazy is this. Thank you so very very much Adobe.

I made a couple of new Connections to interesting peoples, and i have definitly drunk too much Red Bull, but it was like best thing shortly after sliced bread. Please come back soon. I’ll add some links and Photos soon, everything else you will find on the Adobe On AIR Tour Site.

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