pädagogisch wertfrei erziehen
Nerdmare Before Christmas

#Nerdmare 2016

It is that time of the year again.

Everywhere IT Departments get swamped by gifts from Suppliers, we burn
the last of the years budget and the switches light up like a Christmas Tree.

Since we don’t want you to spend your time lonely in your NerdBasement
i hereby invite you to the Nerdmare Before Christmas Party!

Traditionally it will take place at the famous niederlassung.org at
the 9th of December, starting at around 7:30 pm.

Feel free to bring your Nerdfriends that are Offline right now, taking
care for their VAX and your friend trapped in their Basement and these
that are still missing in the pile of legacy code your PFY produced.

Please register yourself with a Nick or your Realname at:

As always we need some sponsors, 100 € already buy you a banner and our
eternal (depending on the amount of drinks we had) gratitude.

So feel free to send me a private Mail with the exact amount your
company want’s to spend & your Logo plus Landingpage we should link to.

Thanks in advance!

Spread the word!

Kind regards,
Munichs most fertile Tech Evangelist

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