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It’s amazing, it has Bacon and please do require(‚vapor.js‘)

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I really want to write something about the JSConf. 

But i don’t know where to start.

Maybe at one of my funniest moments in my whole life, when me and some other quite drunken Developers where teaching Chris Williams, Curator of the JSConf in Washington, german Cursewords. Btw. he was pretty drunk too, and he is really an awesome guy.

We also talked about ConferenceOrganisation, the Community (JavaScript vs PHP) and the current slowing down of activities in the PHP one and the RISE of JScript, and of course we talked about Children, which was of course the most interesting part. At least for Geedads.

I could also talk about the fact that im now owning a Palm Pre Plus, thanks to Dion Almaer, Gauntlet and the awesome sponsoring of Palm. And i know how to use it, thanks to @twtomcat. It’s really really easy, i like the Style of it. You just type in some Voodoo into your Terminal and after palm-generate, palm-package, palm-install you could simply launch your first WebOSApplication. I mean, it is so easy it almost hurts. Right now im trying to port one of our BörseGo Applikations to the Phone and it looks like i don’t have to do a lot of hard work to succeed. Im also looking forward to the 2.0 Version of WebOS, because it will be possible to write your Service Stuff entirely in JScript based on the Node.js running on your Phone. 

Which of course brings me to the most important lesson learned at the JSConf.

You can almost run everything on JavaScript.

Behold, i present you Arduino.js

Point proven?!

I think so, and you will too when the Orga releases the Videos from Nikolais & Jörns Session about Robotic JavaScript

Btw. if you where there and would like to give some Feedback to the speakers, feel free to do so at Speakerrate. Also, if you’re missing a talk, either add it or just tell me via Twitter that i missed something. Thank you.

If you want to have all Speakers, Talks and Ratings in an Overview you could go to the JSConfEU-Page or have a look at my Wiki

So what is my synopsis? I’ve met wonderful people i would love to call friends, met friends that im proud to call friends, learned a lot and left with 10 open Tabs of Frameworks i have to take a look at. But right now im tired and a bit ill, so my review will stay this short.

And here are some photos, btw. 


nhitze's JSConfEU 2010 photoset nhitze’s JSConfEU 2010 photoset

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