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FwdCall for Support for les Hauts Lieux

FYI and RT please

> At the beginning of April, a small but determined group of hackers > found a big
> unused space in the heart of Lille, a french city located at the > crossroads of
> Brussels, Paris, London and Amsterdam, and the 4th biggest urban > agglomeration
> in France. Following the Grace Hopper Pattern, they have formed a > collective
> called Les Hauts Lieux, requisitioned the place and have opened a > hackerspace
> called le Localhost, putting the place back to use after nearly 3 > years of
> disuse. Many other projects have joined the effort, like a coworking > space or a
> collective restaurant based on organic food and fair-trade.
> On June 2nd, the police and the landlords found out the space was > occupied. On
> June 5th, a handful of members from the collective and the Droit Au > Logement
> Association (association helping and defending people without decent > housing)
> met the heads of Zara France (which is renting the space), to > discuss the
> future course of the actions. So far, Zara executives promised to > involve les
> Hauts Lieux onto the projects for the 3 000 sq. meters, if the space > was
> emptied by June 10th, 12:00pm.
> Les Hauts Lieux is clearly at a disadvantage here, facing a huge > corporate road
> roller, having nothing but a promise to hang onto, and now without a > place to
> gather, work and share. We need every bit of support we can get, to > show to
> Zara France that we are not just a handful of hippies glued to their > computers,
> to show officials that people all around the world trust our goals, > abilities
> and determination. Publish this call on your weblogs, relay it on > other mailing
> lists, tweet it, so that the Zara heads can see the true dimension > of what they
> are dealing with.
> le Localhost website:
> http://www.le-localhost.org/wiki/index.php/Accueil
> Online petition to support les Hauts Lieux:
> http://www.mesopinions.com/Soutien-au-projet-des-Hauts-Lieux-petition-petitio…
> Press review (only fr-FR, sorry folks):
> http://nord-pas-de-calais-picardie.france3.fr/info/nord-pas-de-calais/un-squa…
> http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-actu/2010/06/03/97001-20100603FILWWW00672-lille-…
> http://www.nordeclair.fr/Actualite/Depeches/2010/06/02/lille-requisition-dal-…
> http://www.nordeclair.fr/Locales/Lille/2010/06/03/eurodif-requisitionne-pour-…
> http://www.lavoixdunord.fr/Locales/Lille/actualite/Secteur_Lille/2010/06/03/a…
> http://www.lavoixdunord.fr/Audio-Video/Audio/2010/06/03/article_audio-deja-de…
> http://revolf.free.fr/france3npdc_requisition_dal_20100603.mpg
> http://www.lille-21eme-siecle.fr/index.php?2010/06/03/319-telescopage
> http://lille.lesverts.fr/soutien-au-collectif-Les-Hauts
> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdjpva_un-centre-commercial-abandonne-recu_n…
> http://lille.ville.orange.fr/direct/index.html?direct/listeactu/100603161454.dla7mfdj
> http://pdf.20minutes.fr.s3-external-3.amazonaws.com/20100604_LIL.pdf


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