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Einladung zum TechTalk bei Google München, Brian Rakowski über Chrome

Google und die GTUG München laden ein, am 5ten Oktober im Google Office München.

Google Chrome ist zwei Jahre alt. Interessantes, Lektionen und Neues
aus der Entwicklerküche.

Brian Rakowski, Director of Product Managment für Google Chrome

Dienstag, 5ter Oktober 2010, 18:30 Uhr

Google Germany Office, Dienerstrasse 12, München

Snacks & Drinks provided, Anmeldung zum Talk bitte mit diesem Formular

Hier ein paar kurze Informationen zu Brian:
Brian joined Google as the company’s first Associate Product Manager in 2002.
He worked on Gmail through launch until 2005 when he moved to Google’s
Zurich office. Brian has since returned to Google headquarters and has
been working on Google Chrome since the project began.
Today Brian is director of product management for Google Chrome.

When we set out to build a browser, our only goal was to make
something that would make using the web more useful and enjoyable. By
now, Chrome is used by over 70 Million people and is growing rapidly,
but is still under active development to help it reach more users.
Along the way, we stumbled upon a series of lessons that have helped
inform our design and development philosophy. I’ll review those
lessons, giving examples of things that worked well for us, as well as
things that failed.
Besides questions about the examples and lessons learned, you might
want to discuss with him about Innovation in general and in browsers
in particular: The Chrome team has been innovating fast, some of the
great things you can now do within a browser: Chrome to Phone, to the
Arcade Fire HTML5 experiment, to automatic web translation.


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