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Calling all dorkbots! 13 days to save the planet (using mostly duct tape).

> Dear Dorkbots,
> The talk of a global dorkbot project got me thinking about the > upcoming
> Climate Conference in Copenhagen and what dorkbots can do directly…
> On the 18th December, at 6:30pm GMT, we will be running a streamed,
> global gonzo-democracy game-show, where 300 people in Copenhagen, > joined
> by as many on-line participants as we can muster will pay $10 each, > and
> then decide what to do with all the money collected in the first ever
> global decision-making game of ‚Who Wants to Be…?‘.
> (www.whowantstobe.co.uk)
> This is how it works: people propose ideas for spending the money,
> discuss, then vote using a combination of web/twitter/sms voting for
> remote voters, and a computer-vision voting system we’ve hacked > together
> out of bits of string and coloured cards for the Copenhagen audience.
> The mission:
> – to have a lot of fun doing something ’serious‘
> – prototype a global, live mass decision-making processes.
> – try to come up with some really creative, cheap eco-solutions.
> You can register to pledge and vote here: http://pledgepyramid.org
> If there’s one group of people in the world capable of saving the
> climate for about $8000, it’s going to be the Dorkbots, so please do
> invite your local dorkbot (& similar) groups to submit their ideas.
> Maybe the game could fund a global Dorkbot climate hacking


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