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Android Lab Berlin Review (12 years late)

You know, when you go through your old drafts in Gmail, where sometimes old Blog Drafts life. And you find this gem where you are ranting about people not blogging about a free event and than realize that you didn’t do it yourself either? And you feel stupid? Yeah well.

So i really don’t get it.
Im sorry Folks but on an event with over 120 Developers surely some of you have a blog?
I really don’t mind if you only post a few lines or a blurred photo of your NexusOne, but there is something called gratefulness towards the event Organizer (Google) and the Venue Sponsor (T-Labs) and i know most of you came up to Reto, Billy and Jens and sayed „Thank you“ but there is also an old tradition of writing a postcard to say „thank you“ (at least in Germany at Christmas) and in modern days it’s called „Blogging“.

I mean seriously there were quite a lot of you that have a blog and update on a regular basis? And normally food is best when it’s hot, so why the fuck have i only found TWO posts about the event so far.

(This was originally written at the Day after i went home from Berlin and hadn’t slept for about
36 hours, so don’t take it personal)

Ok, back to the facts and the actual event, that was, as posted earlier this week, simple plain awesome. I heard of the ADL from different sources and first i don’t wanted to go, for several different reasons (e.g. no money, no time) but a pal of mine (thank you Jens) convinced me to go and my wife said: ok, plus my parents just lended me the money. Thank you Mum n Dad.

So i packed my stuff and went to Airport Munich, hit my delayed flight (one hour, due to the snow) and there i was at the Telekom Laboratories at around 1 pm. Organisation was perfect and i’ve got a nice little badge (bit to small to be readable, just a hint :)) and my wireless voucher plus coffee and some cookies. In fact LOADS of Cookies, damn these guys know how to make Devs happy.

I met my friends Jens from Google and all the other cool guys from GTUG Berlin, GTUG Nuremberg (in Incubator state) and the Android in Berlin Usergroup and said Hello to Reto Meier and Billy Rutledge from Google. Around 2:30 pm Martin Kurze from the TLab gave a short Presentation about what Android means to the TLab at the shortes Keynote i’ve been participating ever :) and talked about the DroidCamp and the DroidCon.

Then Reto came up, said Hi, told us how smooth the Mobile Market is developing and then he told us we would all get a free Nexus. Nothing can cheer up a crowd of Developers better than Giveaways and damn these phones are hot. I stood up, went to Billy and Reto and asked if i can help and then i only can remember dozend of Developers lining up … Playing Santa is so cool.

Light was dimmed a bit and everyone was then hacking their phones. Every 10 seconds you would hear a small Blim that the Nexus makes when it is rebooted, unmounted, mounted or anything like that.

I was blogging in Buzz back than

Jens Trapp from Google and me took the opportunity and presented the GTUG Program and the GTUG Battle Beta that will happen around germany from  middle of February to the 14th of March.

Later that afternoon everyone presented their Applications they hacked together. Some where only TechDemos or simple Screens, some where allready finished Apps developed earlier. It was great and i think their will be a great amount of additional Apps in the Marketplace when the ADL is finished.

Freibier by Partybolle from Schtief

After that most of the Developers where heading home and only a small amount of us was heading to the c-base, where the AfterHackParty was taking place. As told in my PrePost i could write about the c-base for days. It is the first time i was there and it reminded me a bit of my old days with some of my old friends. Alltough c-base was definitly a lot more tidied up :)

Reto, Jens, Billy and Pascal from Google went to the Hotel first but when they arrived T took us for an extended Tour through the facility. Man these guys where really stunned, i think they.

The c-base had 3dPrinters in 2010 already btw

Updating this in 2022, oh boy I do feel old these days

I can roughly remember us hanging in the c-base until around 3 am and the Googlers telling us Recruiting stories. Which was funny because I know Reto asked me that exact question two years later in an interview I had at Google and I couldn’t remember the damn answer.

All in all, Thx Google, Telekom Innovations Lab and the Berlin crew for making this a wonderful event.