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Android Dev Lab 2010 Berlin Edition plus an extra portion Nerdiness

So im sittin here at Gate A01 of Airport Berlin Tegel and im stone
tired and im hearing some Korn and im wondering: was it all worth this?

My conclusion, to be totally honest: Hell Yeah. Alltough i went here
with one hour of delay, alltough i fell down on that icy road,
alltough Berlin at 3am in the Morning on a weekday is so boring (and
damn cold too) and alltough im gonna so regret the trip later in the
office because of the missin sleep, im still convinced that it totally
worthed every second of it.

Not only i’ve had the pleasure of meeting some the smartest guys i’ve
ever met (Google and Non-Google), not only i finally managed to come
to the c-base, which is so AWESOME that i it feels like writing a
goddamn book about it isnt even nearly enough, plus i’ve seen the
coolest Multi-Touch-Table in the whole world (yes, screw you Microsoft
Surface), no i’ve also got a new phone named NexusOne an i made new

My „real“ detailed Review of the event, the NexusOne and the c-base
will follow as soon as my brain catches up with my body. Until then
let me just tell you how freakin awesome this was and how thankfull i
am for having a wife that allows me to get out of daily routine and
leave her alone with all our faboulus kids.

Love you Honey


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